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How To Build A Saas

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a relatively new sales model that is replacing traditional software licenses. Why is SaaS software popular among both users and software companies? How is SaaS software created? Let’s dive into SaaS app development together!

Do you remember when buying software meant running to the local electronics store or ordering a physical CD online? Technology has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Today, the software industry is dominated by the Software as a Service delivery and pricing model. SaaS is a popular (and occasionally controversial) topic in the tech media today. That’s why we’ve written this article to shed light on SaaS web applications and platforms. If you’re wondering how to build a SaaS product or whether a SaaS architecture is a good option for your project, read on.

What is a SaaS application?

A SaaS application is software licensed using the Software as a Service business model. SaaS is an approach to software delivery and maintenance wherein developers don’t sell their programs with a lifetime license or wait until next year’s version to release feature updates. Instead, companies market their software as a service (hence the name), typically via a subscription model.

These services are hosted in the cloud, which means they don’t need to be physically installed on your computer. The use of cloud computing gives SaaS solutions a handful of benefits:

  • Cost efficiency

    There’s no need to buy and maintain expensive hardware, and you only pay for the resources your app uses.

  • Scalability
    If your requirements increase, you can upgrade your plan in a few clicks. Downgrades are also possible.
  • Reliability
    A cloud is a network of servers that can be located around the world. Even if one server goes down, your app will remain online.
  • Security
    Cloud service providers pay close attention to security to ensure your data is stored in a safe place.

Cloud-based web apps are accessible from any device anywhere in the world. Also, users always have access to the latest version of cloud-based software, as there’s no need to download updates. Being cloud-based, SaaS applications have many advantages over on-premises applications.

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